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Steam Wallet Gift Card

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    Steam is known for its amazingly large video game collection. It has been a favorite gaming platform for a while now because it offers a convenient way of reaching gamers and providing them with the ultimate gaming experience. If you have friends or family that use Steam, then gifting them a Steam Wallet Gift Card will make them extremely happy.

    These gift cards enable recipients to purchase one or multiple games from the Steam platform, which boasts thousands of different game options. Recipients can purchase anything from high-level production games to lesser-known, Indie brands.

    Using the gift card is rather easy and straightforward. You can purchase it on multiple different websites, including Steam’s official website. Once purchased, you will be prompted to enter the recipient’s email address. The gift card recipient will receive a unique code that should be entered into their Steam account. Once done, they will receive Steam credits which they can use any way they’d like to.

    Currently, Steam offers over 2000 video games in many different genres - puzzles, action, driving, mystery, horror, strategy, etc. Steam is available on all devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

    There’s something for everyone, so make sure to get your favorite game - who knows, you might even find it on sale. Steam Wallet Gift Card is the perfect way to make your kids happy and excited.


Steam Autumn Sale - Best Steam Deck Game Deals
Steam Autumn Sale - Best Steam Deck Game Deals

The Steam Autumn Sale is now live, offering big price cuts on PC games through November 29. Many Steam Deck-verified and playable games are included in the catalog, making this a great time to add a few new titles to your portable library. If you’re a fan of third-person action games, then you’ll want to take a very close look at the Autumn Sale. Devil May Cry 5 is down to just $10, God of War is listed for $37, Monster Hunter Rise is $20, and Spider-Man Remastered is just $45. Devil May Cry 5 might be the most enticing deal, as $10 is one of the best prices we’ve seen for the game all year--and it offers dozens of hours of fast-paced combat that plays surprisingly well on the handheld. More Black Friday deals

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Vampire Survivors is one of the best games to play on Steam Deck, and while it’s only seeing a slight discount, we highly recommend picking it up. The top-down auto-battler sees you fighting off increasingly difficult waves of enemies as you slowly acquire and level up a variety of powerful skills. It’s a great game to play on the road, with sessions typically lasting less than 30 minutes and the Steam Deck’s suspend feature making it easy to pick up and play. Other big discounts include Ace Combat 7 for $9, Civilization VI for $6, Doom Eternal for $8, and Stray for $24. Stray has been nominated for six categories at The Game Awards 2022--and it’s definitely worth checking out at this new low price. You’ll want to browse the full Steam Deck catalog to see what else is on sale right now, but we’ve put together a short list of our favorite discounts below. Remember--the Autumn Sale ends November 29, so be sure to cash in on the savings while you can. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown $9 ($60 ) See on Steam Astroneer $15 ($30 ) See on Steam Civilization VI $6 ($60 ) See on Steam Code Vein $9 ($60 ) See on Steam Cyberpunk 2077 $30 ($60 ) See on Steam Devil May Cry 5 $10 ($30 ) See on Steam Doom Eternal $8 ($20 ) See on Steam God of War $37 ($50 ) See on Steam Hollow Knight $7.49 ($15 ) See on Steam Little Nightmares $5 ($20 ) See on Steam Metro Exodus $10 ($30 ) See on Steam Monster Hunter Rise $20 ($40 ) See on Steam NBA 2K23 $27 ($60 ) See on Steam Nioh 2: The Complete Edition $30 ($50 ) See on Steam Persona 5 Royal $42 ($60 ) See on Steam Project Zomboid $13 ($20 ) See on Steam Scarlet Nexus $15 ($60 ) See on Steam Sea of Thieves $20 ($40 ) See on Steam Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice GOTY Edition $30 ($60 ) See on Steam Spider-Man Remastered $45 ($60 ) See on Steam Stardew Valley $12 ($15 ) See on Steam Stray $24 ($30 ) See on Steam Tales of Arise $24 ($60 ) See on Steam Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge $20 ($25 ) See on Steam Two Point Campus $32 ($40 ) See on Steam Valheim $14 ($20 ) See on Steam Vampire Survivors $4.24 ($5 ) See on Steam